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After graduating from NYU Film School, I worked professionally in television for 5 years. Working as many roles from Accounting Clerk, through to 1st Asst Accountant to Post Production

In 2006 I moved into web video, film and commercial production with a NYC based digital agency that was transitioning from interactive CDs.

At Oktane, we built a lot of sites and made a lot of green screen videos. Additionally, I was able to research and build a number of video streaming sites and branded competitions, before Youtube took over. We worked with Blip.TV, Dailymotion and Vimeo to develop one of the first Vlogging plugins, called Purecast.

In 2011 I began developing a series of startups with co-founders in New York. We focused on the music industry and developed partnerships with Columbia Records and many bands and sports teams.

I also premiered portfolio website builder for Actors and Filmmakers it as a subscription service, like a Squarespace that you didn't have to learn. It just presented choices until you were done. We hosted the portfolios of over a hundred young talented artists and filmmakers for the next 8 years. Learning and iterating.

Meanwhile, I was working for ad agencies like T3 and Hunt Gather and clients like Varsity Tutors, Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Nadamoo, Ingram Micro and many others in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas. I starting mentoring with an Online Bootcamp. Got really into animation and Blender. Studied game engines and 3D and began incorporating more of that knowledge into every web project.

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Mobile, Games, Web Apps and E-Commerce for Digital Agencies and Startups.

I'm fair priced and fast and I don't start from scratch.

Communication is always free. Feel free to reach out via e-mail or this form.

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