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Lawrence and a Dinosaur

I'm a professional web animator, filmmaker, writer and web developer with 14 years professional startup, agency and freelance experience.

Remote work has always been a passion of mine. I'd say it sprung from the dreadfulness of the daily commute, but I've been doing it since before I could drive. My first real job was at an early internet firm operating out of a basement. was its name. (Can you believe we got that domain?) I worked on many projects lost to the ages by the rapid technological change in the late 90s and me not taking care of my 3.5in floppy disk backups.

By the time I left high school and that job, my passions lay elsewhere so I set out for New York City and NYU Tisch. While there I fell in love with theatre, dance and other fine arts. My early films were on 16mm VHS and Betamax. But digital was on the way. At 22, I bought my first digital camera and started making short films with my friends, many of which are free to watch here.

In 2007 I moved to L.A. to pursue screenwriting and filmmaking. Youtube was gaining traction and I saw internet video as the future. Turns out I got to L.A. just in time for the Writer's strike. Luckily I was working remotely for a marketing company out of NY called Oktane. And the strike stirred up a hornets nest of online video creation in L.A. It lasted 9 months. And then the recession hit.

I had to move back to New York and get a job as a P.A. in television again. I decided to get real serious about web technologies and online video. I built many web apps with my team there that parred video with online voting or blogging. The early days of video were another gold rush and everyone wanted a piece. We developed several short form web series and review shows for the big aggregators and I learned a ton about marketing on the internet in those years.

In 2010, I set out to work for myself for really the first time in my life. I still wanted remote work and I still loved the pace of change I saw in the web industry. It was eating every other industry. I moved to Portland, Oregon and worked remotely with partners in New York on an app for the music industry and an app for concert travel that both gained significant traction and press. Sadly, we never secured past a seed round of funding.

I then worked on a number of contracts for startups. Many of which are still around. I made a e-commerce shopping cart checkout for that was both whitelabel-able and embedable on other merchant sites. Made a CRM for using Salesforce as a backend, just to name a couple.

Every summer I would return to filmmaking in the 48 hour film festivals and found a few nonprofit arts organizations to support with free videos. I found local small business clients and set them up with websites and media services with partners in Portland. Life was good but I was barely staying afloat.

In 2015 I accepted a job at Varsity Tutors, working on the outward facing part of their Realtime learning platform. That meant Google and SEO, it also meant optimizing pages for speed. I learned a lot leading the marketing team about managing and teaching Junior Engineers during my 2 years there.

I left VT to teach web development at and produce online video courses for Udemy and my own sites. I also started an IOT company that will be shipping it's first product this year.

I'm currently working freelance in Austin, Texas. Please explore this site to see what I'm talking about and what I've done over the years. I keep it as a gallery and an archive. Hopefully working in a few stories that dig deeper into everything I glossed over in this bio.

Thanks for reading and please reach out to me with any questions. I'd love to hear from you.

Animation, Film, Web & Design Craftsman

All I want to do is help artists and small business entrepreneurs succeed.

My rates are surprisingly fair, because money does not motivate me. Freedom does.

Communicating is always free. For more info before you do, check out my resume.

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