About Law

Lawrence and a DinosaurI graduated NYU Tisch with a degree in Filmmaking in 2002. Worked for the next 5 years in television production in New York. Moved to L.A. for a couple of years, banks collapsed. Worked as a freelance web developer since 2006. Mostly in Rails and frontend javascript frameworks like CanJS, Angular and React. I have made many films since graduation, some of which are on display here. Others no one should ever have to see. I've been a writer as well since a very young age.

I am passionate about creating thought provoking work in the video, writing and web forms. I consider myself an artist and a tireless advocate for artists. I hope to use my work to express the important issues of our time. To provide the world with the inspiration to rise to their own personal & professional occasions. I've co-founded 4 web start-ups and been a part of many more in the 12 years it has been my pleasure to work in the most innovative industry in the world.

With the help of my friends, I've nurtured a filmmaker's collective in Portland, Oregon. It's called Cinema Set Free. Together we're exploring the entrepreneurial path that filmmakers can take to make their living telling their stories. We host monthly meetups and present about indie filmmaking topics we find important.

I enjoy ballroom dancing, live theatre and buffalo wings. I have a fucking beard. Go figure.

I created this portfolio during a very unemployed time in my life. It is a reflection of my past, but it is also an example of me working in the cutting edge of technologies I love.