Lawrence Whiteside

How much will my project cost?

The short answer is, I don't know. I work on an hourly rate. I can quote most projects based on my best guess of how long it'll take to build. The more a project's goals change once production begins, the less accurate my quote will become. I bill based on actual hours spent working adding value to your project. Not hours spent learning or socializing with colleagues. An hour is 2 pomodoros. Projects come in all size and complexities. I've been making them for so long, I've learned best practices for most of the projects people have in mind. The more you know what your project is not and specifically what the Product you will be happy with is, the better my estimate of how much time it will take. I make it somewhat more complex by having different rates for different kinds of clients. In my mind, big corporations can afford to pay more than small business or struggling artist. I'd be happy to send you my rates in an e-mail.

What technologies do you use?

The short answer is, I use every technology I have the time to learn. I crave technologies on the cutting edge, Be they in the realm of filmmaking, web architecture or beyond into virtual reality, 3d-printing, and the like. I would love to get paid to learn something on the very forefront of thought. My current obsessions are NextJS, ReactJS, NodeJS and Meteor. I'm involved more in the latest Javascript centered technologies for client, mobile and server-side apps. ECMAScript is the future and async/await is really, really cool.

Ok, what about experience?

Most of my experience is in Ruby and Javascript using the CanJS and Rails frameworks. I love APIs and methodologies that prioritize developer happiness. They also happen to be where reside the best communities and tools for creating successful businesses. I've worked Agile for years. Have done some scrum. Prefer a trello board. Well tested, modular, functional code that is continuously integrated and automated saves time and money in the long run. h1 What jobs are you not going to take?

What tech do you not use?

I don't code entreprise, I code open source. So Cold Fusion, .NET, and Java aren't at the top of my list to learn. I also can butusually don't want to waste time in pre-built CMS's and other shortcut, technology free products with one exception: Wordpress. Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Expression Engine and the like, I mean, I can do custom some-frontend javasccript, but the backend doesn't interest me. I have nothing against their community or their creators. In my view they are too general in scope and too tied to plugins and other non-sense to offer what turns out to be a very clumbsy to maintain and edit and ultimately a very breakable product that I can't in good conscience recommend anyone rest their business's ability to thrive on those kinds of technologies. The tools I use are elegant and precise and they are backed up by automating testing tools that proves they're unbreakable.

What do you do again?

The short answer is, I help small business and artists succeed using my skills in filmmaking and web technology. To that end I've produced promotional videos and websites for organizations and entrepreneurial creative people for over a decade. I've co-founded 4 start-ups. I host a monthly meetup about independent filmmaking and entreprenuership. I write like the dickens and really work far too hard for my own good.

Animation, Film, Web & Design Craftsman

All I want to do is help artists and small business entrepreneurs succeed.

My rates are surprisingly fair, because money does not motivate me. Freedom does.

Communicating is always free. For more info before you do: check out moreabout meand read whatmy clients have to say.

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